Feedly for iPhone

Feedly Update Brings Redesigned User Experience and AI-Driven Discovery

The news feed aggregation app Feedly has a new update out in the App Store. The new build, version 54.0.0 for those keeping score at home, brings a cleaner and more intuitive user experience with bottom navigation.  It also brings a new AI-driven discovery experience to help you find new content to add to your feed.

For those who haven’t used the app, Feedly allows you to add feeds, usually RSS feeds, from sites and have them all in one place.  You can create directories of common content that you are interested in and can check for the latest news from those sites in your feeds without having to navigate all around to find it.

This update to Feedly is more-or-less a rewrite of the app.  The developer of the app has introduced a completely new code base within the app and added a significant number of features.  Here is the rundown of everything that is new in the update:

  • Faster, cleaner, and more intuitive design
  • Powerful mark as read and save to board gestures
  • Night mode
  • New AI-driven discovery experience
  • Power Search
  • Notes and highlights
  • The full power of Feedly Teams
  • New Pocket Integration
  • Brand new codebase
Feedly for iPhone

Feedly for iPhone

The Feedly app itself is a free download and you can get it in the App Store.  There is also a premium tier which is currently on sale at $45 for the year that allows you to connect to other services and do some more advanced searching.

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