Apple Wallet on iPhone XS

Fintiv Sues Apple for Patent Infringements Related to Apple Wallet

A relatively new company, Fintiv, is suing Apple for patent infringements. The patents in question, which the Texas-based Fintiv acquired when they were founded last year, relate to how Apple Wallet and Apple Pay work on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Specifically, according to the court filings, the company owns U.S. Patent 8,843,125, which was issued on September 23, 2014. That patent was titled “System and Method for Managing Mobile Wallet and its Related Credentials.” Further, the company is claiming Apple has used this patent and others that they own to create Apple Wallet and the method by which Apple uses to make Apple Pay and contactless payments work. The filings were made in the West District Court of Texas, in Waco, Texas.

Fintiv is asking for a jury trial in the matter and is also requesting monetary damages from Apple over the patent infringement in Apple Wallet. Apple, so far, has not responded.

According to the company’s website, Fintiv has some 5.4 million customers in 60 countries on their platform.

Apple is regularly sued over patent infringements so closing out 2018 with yet another one seems appropriate. The Cupertino tech giant is often targeted by companies who own rights to particular patents, although they may not necessarily develop against those patents.

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