Firefox 62 for MacOS

Firefox 62 Released Bringing Native Dark Mode Support in MacOS Mojave

Mozilla has released the latest update to their Firefox browser, bringing a lot of improvements and features.  The new build is Firefox 62 and it comes with native Dark Mode support when MacOS Mojave rolls out laster this month.  That means that if you have that feature enabled on your MacBook and use Firefox, the browser will move to the darker viewing mode automatically without you having to do anything.

Native Dark Mode support will be an important feature for developers to support in MacOS once Mojave lands.  Apple, of course, will broadly support it with their apps but it is great to see others, especially a popular alternative browser like Firefox, support it from day one.

There are other improvements in this release of Firefox that shouldn’t be overlooked.  Support for variable fonts is now there which makes it easier for web designer to create typography from a single font file rather than multiple variations of the same font.  The Home screen can now display up to four rows of top sites, Pocket stories, and highlights.  Finally, if you disconnect your account from Firefox via Firefox Sync, you will be prompted on if you want to wipe your profile and data.  This includes things like your history, passwords, cookies, and web data.

Firefox 62 for MacOS

Firefox 62 for MacOS

If you are already using Firefox then you likely have already received this update to the new version.  If you want to download the browser and give it a go, you can do so for free from the Mozilla site.

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