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Galleria Dallas Apple Store Officially Opens

Consuming three large retail spaces on the first floor, the new Galleria Dallas Apple Store location has officially opened. The newest Apple retail location opened on Saturday to much fanfare from those in attendance. Promptly at 10:00 am on Saturday, the large panel swinging doors opened to the public.

Apple made no announcements of the new store opening and it was only through an update to the Apple Store listings that you would find it. Indeed, the listing still doesn’t have an official photo. That speaks to the genesis of this store as being more out of necessity. Apple needed to get two stores in the Eastern District Court of Texas closed, their Plano and Frisco, Texas locations, due to the huge number of patent suits filed in that court. Having this new Apple Store out of that district will slow down the steady flow of suits, or so the theory goes. That is also why this new location at the Galleria looks… ordinary. There isn’t anything special about this new store which also lends itself to the idea that Apple went down a tried-and-true path on design and got the store up and going as quickly as possible.

Saturday was the final day for the Plano and Frisco stores too. They are now shuttered with it unclear how Stonebriar Mall and Willowbend Mall in the respective cities will do with the empty locations.

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