Google Search Widget

Google Adds iOS 14 Widget to Google Search

Since the release of iOS 14 two days ago, a slew of app developers big and small have added support for the releases new Widgets. You can now add Google and Google Search to that list. An update for the search app was released yesterday, bringing support for iOS 14 Widgets for your Home Screen.

Google Search has two widget sizes available: 2×2 for simple, quick searches and 4×2 which allows searching as well as access to Google Lens and Incognito searches. Both can easily be placed on your Home screen for quick access to the search engine.

Google Search Widget
Google Search Widget

This new Widget is another way that Google is enabling iPhone users running iOS 14 to take advantage of their services. The company has already enabled Chrome to be your default browser on your iPhone or iPad, which was available while 14 was still in beta. Further, the company now supports having its Gmail app as your default mail app. If you really want to do so, you can easily “Googlfy” your iPhone or iPad.

The Google app is a free download in the App Store but to get the most benefit from it, you’ll want to sign in with your Google account.

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