Google Allo

Google Allo Signs Off as of Today

Google Allo, the latest attempt from Google at a messaging platform, shutdown officially today. The Allo official website no longer directs you to downloading the app for iOS or Android. Instead, it posts a banner stating that March 12, 2019 is the day the service shuts down. Google Allo was launched back in 2016 along side Google Duo, their video chat app. Duo has seen a measure of success while Allo never caught on.

For those of you who used Allo, Google is providing a way for you to download your conversations, videos, and photos. They have provided a dedicated support page where you can see how to get this content. Your messages will be saved as a CSV file while photos and videos will be lumped together in one ZIP file.

The retirement of Allo does not mean that Google is out of the messaging game. They will continue to support Hangouts Chat, their G Suite solution, as well as Messages, their SMS/MMS app for Android. Google Duo will continue to remain available for both iOS and Android users. When or if Google will attempt another Allo-like app is unclear. It seems, for now, Google is content focusing on Messages and Hangouts for their consumer and commercial customers.

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