Google Confirms that Google+ is Shutting Down April 2, 2019

Google has confirmed that Google+ will officially be shutting down to the public on April 2, 2019. The Mountain View tech giant had already indicated that their social network was going to shut down this year after two significant data leaks were discovered. Those leaks exposed over 50 million users data and the company, rather than try to fix the issue, is simply abandoning the platform. But that abandonment will be in an orderly fashion.

The first important data to keep in mind is next week on February 4th. That is when you will no longer be able to create new profiles, pages, communities or events on the service. Comments for Blogger through Google+ will also be shutdown that day but other sites will have until March 7th. Over the course of the next few weeks, the Google+ Sign-in button will stop working and will be replaced with the Google Sign-in button.

Finally, on April 2, all consumer accounts and pages as well as all comments users have made will be deleted. Those who have Google+ communities, pages and the like will be able to download all that content until April 2nd so it is not lost forever. The mechanism to to this will be available sometime in March.

While Google+ will be dead from a consumer perspective, it will continue to live on for G Suite customers. The service will become more like an Intranet essentially for those who are subscribers. In fact, the service will get a facelift once it goes to subscribers only later this year.

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