Material Design in Google Drive

Google Drive Update Brings Material Design

Following their update to the Gmail app for iOS, Google has now brought Material Design to the Google Drive app. The update brings a much brighter and whiter look to the app, which also leverages Google’s Artificial Intelligence to present the files it thinks you need at the moment to the top of the list. The update is available for iOS now on iPhone and iPad while Android users will have to wait until March 18th to get the update.

The Material Design look brings the app more in line with the Google Drive website, which received the makeover several months ago. As mentioned, it also brings it in line with the revamped Gmail app which was updated at the end of last year. Google overall has been revamping all of their apps to embrace the cleaner Material Design look.

Material Design in Google Drive
Material Design in Google Drive

The leveraging of Google’s Artificial Intelligence is nothing new either. It has been in Drive for a while now but mostly in the company’s business solution, G Suite. That service includes Team Drives, a shared drive feature of Google Drive. Google has now made that available to everyone with this update. Look at the frequency in which you edit a file, files you have shared or have shared to you, or the time of day, Drive will now display the files it thinks you need at the moment first in the Home tab of the app. As you access files from Drive, it will learn and get better accuracy on this feature.

Look for the updated Google Drive app on your iPhone or iPad and see what you think.

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