Google Duo for iPad

Google Duo Update for iOS Brings iPad Support

Google has updated their video and audio calling app, Google Duo, bringing support for the iPad to the app.  The update is in the App Store now and if you have it installed, you should have the update already or it is ready to install.

Google Duo, for those that don’t know, is Google’s consumer video and audio calling app.  In the Apple world, FaceTime is the competing product against Duo.  The advantage of Google Duo is that it is cross platform so you could have video calls with friends and family on Android.  To this point, Duo only worked on iPhone which was nice but having the larger display of the iPad certainly makes it a far more usable app for many.

Functionally, Duo is very easy to use.  You have your video views dominating your view before and during a call, while your contacts are just a swipe up from the bottom to access and to place calls.  Duo, like FaceTime, works for both video calls and audio calls.

Google Duo for iPad

Google Duo for iPad

For their part, Google has been working for seemingly years on trying to get their video call story right.  For the longest time, Hangouts (now known as Hangouts Classic thanks to Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat in the enterprise world.  Confused yet?  Don’t worry, you aren’t alone) was the go-to for video calls for Android and even iOS.  But Google started splitting up things for the consumer and enterprise markets and frankly, it has been a confusing mess.

Anyway, for those that want to give Google Duo a try, you can download it to your iPad from the App Store.

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