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Google Duplex to Arrive on iPhones in The Coming Weeks

Google Duplex, the automatic calling feature that can book a restaurant for you, will be rolling out to iOS and iPhones in the coming weeks. The news came from Google’s Scott Huffman in a blog post. With Duplex, you will be able to call a restaurant and have Google Assistant book it for you. Once the booking is complete, you will get a calendar invitation as well as a notification on your iPhone that it has been completed.

Google Duplex was first introduced at Google I/O in 2018 and was met with a measure of awe – and some trepidation. Google, which has only had Duplex available on their Pixel phones to this point, has been working on the functionality and expanding it over the course of that time.

From Phoenix to Atlanta, it’s been great to see many of you using our new Google Assistant feature built on Duplex technology to quickly book restaurant reservations over the phone. Thanks to your feedback, we’re beginning to make this feature available to more people across the United States. Now, you can use it on all Pixel phones in 43 U.S. states.

Scott Huffman, Google

In order for the feature to work, you will need to have the Google Assistant app installed on your iPhone. That is where the Duplex feature is found. Functionality should be similar to that found on the Google Pixel phones where you ask Assistant to make a reservation at a certain time at a restaurant. Assistant will then call and setup the reservation without your intervention unless the time slot requested is not available.

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