Google Maps on Apple CarPlay

Google Maps Update Brings Apple CarPlay Support

Google Maps has a new update rolling out to the Apple Store today that is bringing support for Apple CarPlay.  The ability to use Google Maps on Apple’s in-car infotainment system is a combination of the iOS 12 update and the Google Maps app itself so you will need both.

With iOS 12, Apple for the first time opened up the 3rd party mapping interface API to developers, meaning that developers like Google can now display their map app in CarPlay.

With this update to Google Maps, you will be able to do all the things you can normally do in the app on your iPhone.  You can search for places, see alternative routes, get live updates about traffic and delays just like you do on your iPhone.  You will also see a current ETA.

Google Maps on Apple CarPlay

Google Maps on Apple CarPlay

You can also start your navigation from your iPhone then, once you connect it to CarPlay in your car, Google Maps will immediately pick up where you left off on your phone and move it to CarPlay.  This all happens without any intervention on your part.

For its part, Apple has been doing a lot of work on Apple Maps for the iOS 12 release and it is markedly better.  But now for fans of Google Maps, you won’t have to make a switch over when you use CarPlay and that, ultimately, is a good user experience for everyone.

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