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Google Shuttering Inbox App on April 2

If you have been using the Google Inbox app to check your Gmail account on your iPhone, it’s time to consider other options. Via an in-app notification, Google is informing users that the app will be going away in 15 days, or April 2, 2019. The Mountain View, California tech giant has updated a support page to help you transition from Inbox to Gmail. The company made it clear last September that the app would be shutting down in early 2019 but a date was not given at the time.

Inbox by Gmail, or simply Inbox, was always an experimental app for Google. It incorporated Machine Learning (ML) to help categories and to bubble up important emails first. It worked well and many users of Gmail found it to be a far more useful app than the Gmail app itself. Google however has always had other plans. Many of the features that were in the experimental app are in or destined to be in Gmail. Indeed, Google is promising that Gmail will be just as good for users.

The challenge with this shutdown is Google never really made it clear that this was an experimental app. Yes it was hinted at here-and-there but it was never fully outlined for users. Inbox was also polarizing for Gmail users too. Some loved ever facet of the new email app while others never embraced it. Now, regardless of your views, you will have Gmail with Inboxesque features in it.

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