How To Change Corner Gestures on Your iPad

One of the new features that came to iPads with iPadOS 15.4 was Corner Gestures. Corner Gestures allow you to either access a Quick Note – which was introduced with iPadOS 15 – or take a screenshot of your iPad with swipes from the lower left or lower right corners of your iPad. It is a handy feature once you get to using them. I personally use it constantly for taking screenshots of my iPad for articles like this or, in my day job, for images of apps to help partners and customers.

That said, I’m also left handed which means that often times how I think a gesture should work doesn’t always work for me. I look at the world through a different lens. Fortunately it is easy to change or disable these Corner Gestures to make the more productive for me – and you can do the same thing. Here’s how.

First, this article assumes that you have a compatible iPad running iPadOS 15.4. Assuming that is the case, open up Settings then navigate your way to General>Gestures. You’ll note that there are a few different settings here to consider. First, you have the Four & Five Finger Swipe gesture which allows you to swipe easily between open apps on your iPad. Below that are the Corner Gesture settings. First is the ability to even use these gestures. By using the toggle, you can turn them on or off completely. Below that you will find the the specific corner swipe actions to configure.

Gesture Settings in iPadOS 15
Gesture Settings in iPadOS 15

To change one of these corner swipe gestures, tap on it to bring up your options. You can either turn that particular corner off complete, set it for Quick Note, or a Screenshot.

Changing Corner Sqipe Gestures in iPadOS 15
Changing Corner Sqipe Gestures in iPadOS 15

In my case, I have actually reversed these two corner swipe actions as I’m often holding my iPad with my right hand and using my left to navigate it. Once you have the settings the way you want, you are good-to-go.

If you haven’t used the swipe gestures from the lower corners of your iPad, give them a try. They are handy and work regardless if your iPad is in landscape or portrait viewing.

For more tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your Apple devices, check out the How To’s section here on the site.

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