How To Change The Trackpad Speed on your iPad

One of the best accessories for your iPad Pro that I can recommend is the Apple Magic Keyboard. It truly revolutionizes your use of your iPad, giving it more of a laptop feel and function than just the tablet itself. One of the beauties of that keyboard is that it comes with a Trackpad built-in, giving you even more of a desktop experience as you navigate your iPad. Just like on your Mac however, you may find that the speed of that Trackpad could be too fast or two slow depending on your personal preferences. Fortunately, like so many aspects of iPadOS, Apple has made it quick and easy to change the speed of it. Here’s how to do it.

First, this article assumes that you have an iPad Pro or iPad Air (4th or 5th Generation) with an Apple Magic Keyboard (Affiliate Link) or a mouse attached to your iPad Pro via Bluetooth. With that in mind, open up Settings on your iPad Pro and navigate your way to General>Trackpad. Note that you will not see it if your Magic Keyboard or mouse are not connected to your iPad. At the top of this page, you will see a slider for Tracking Speed. You can adjust this faster or slower as you need for your use. The change happens in real time so you can test it out before you ever leave Settings to make sure it is right for you.

Changing The Track Pad Speed in iPadOS
Changing The Trackpad Speed in iPadOS

Once you have made the change in speed to your liking, exit Settings and you are good-to-go. Your iPad will remember these settings going forward, even if you disconnect your mouse or Magic Keyboard so it is a set it and forget it type of thing – unless you want to change the speed again of course.

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