3D Touch Settings on iPhone

How To Disable 3D Touch on Your iPhone

3D Touch, the ability to long press an app icon on your iPhone to get more detailed information or to perform actions, is something that seems to be a polarizing feature.  People either love it or they hate it with little middle ground.  The idea behind the feature is to allow you to get information or interact with a notification or app without actually having to open the app and then performing that interaction or function.  It is great in theory but it can also be a bit frustrating.

The frustration comes in when you are trying to select an app to move it or delete it.  That’s what turns people off to the feature.  For their part, Google with their App Shortcuts in Android seem to have this better ironed out.

Like so many things in iOS, if you want to disable 3D Touch you can certainly do it within Settings.  It just takes a bit of digging around in Settings to find it.

All you need to do is go in Settings>General>Accessibility.  If you scroll down to near the bottom of the Accessibility settings, you will see the option 3D Touch.  Tap it and you will see the toggle to turn the feature off or on.  Turn it off and 3D Touch is disabled on your iPhone.

3D Touch Settings on iPhone

3D Touch Settings on iPhone

Before you disable it, you may want to give the 3D Touch Sensitivity settings a try.  This allows you to configure a Light, Medium, or Firm touch to your iPhone’s display to enable the feature.  If you find that the default setting of Medium is too sensitive, give a Firm setting a try and see if that makes the feature a bit more workable for you.  In my case, I found setting the feature to Firm was a lot more predictable on what I wanted to do on my iPhone’s Home Screen.  I just tap and hold to move an icon or delete an app but press with a bit of force to get 3D Touch to activate.  Your mileage will vary but I do suggest giving it a try.

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