Enable Character Counts in Messages

How to Enable Character Counts in Apple Messages

One of the great features of Apple Messages on your iPhone, iPad, or even your MacBook, is the ability to send long strings of text to friends and family without it being broken up into multiple messages.  This is different than SMS, which is limited to 140 characters.  For the most of us, we normally don’t have to worry about character counts in messages because they simply don’t apply.  But that changes if you are messaging with a friend who is using traditional SMS.

In that scenario, character counts become important because if you go over that 140 character limit, they will get two text messages from you.  Fortunately, Apple has a nice feature built into Messages that allows you to have a character count on your messages that shows up as you type them.  It is a quick settings change to enable (or disable) the feature.

First, go to Settings on your iPhone and then scroll down until you see Messages in the list of settings.  Tap it and you will see all of your normal message settings such as enabling iMessage, showing contact photos, and the like.  Towards the bottom you will see a section SMS/MMS.  The second option down is Character Count.

Enable Character Counts in Messages

Enable Character Counts in Messages

Toggle this switch on and then exit out of Settings.  Now when you go to Messages on your phone, you will now see a character count show up just above the text window where you are typing to let you know how many characters you have used in your message.

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