Ask to Join WiFi Settings

How To Stop Your iPhone From Asking to Join WiFi Networks

One of the best and most annoying features of iOS on your iPhone is the Ask to Join WiFi setting.  It is helpful in the sense that, when you are out-and-about and on your iPhone, it will prompt you with a pop-up asking if you want to join a wireless network.  Then you can connect and save your data allowance on your mobile plan.  On the flip side of this, it can be annoying as it always seems to throw this ask to join pop-up at the worst time… like when you are trying to edit a photo or you are messaging someone.

So, the question for you is if you can live with the pop-ups to join networks or not?  If you can’t and it is more of an annoyance than a help, there is a quick and easy way to turn the feature off in the Settings of your iPhone.

First, go into Settings on your iPhone and navigate to the Wi-Fi settings.  Tap to open it and there you will see the WiFi network you are connected to and the available networks around you.  At the very bottom of this page there is a toggle switch for Ask to Join Networks.  Turn this toggle off and you will no longer get the pop-ups to ask if you want to join a wireless network around you.

Ask to Join WiFi Settings

Ask to Join WiFi Settings

Once you turn this feature off, you will no longer get reminded to join a WiFi network so it is up to you to remember to join them.  It does not, however, effect remembered networks such as your home network.  Those will still be joined automatically by your iPhone.

Finally, keep in mind that while I have shown this feature on an iPhone, it works the exact same way on your iPad.

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