Raise to Speak for Siri in Watch OS 5

How To Use Raise to Speak for Siri on Your Apple Watch

Across iOS 12, Watch OS 5, and MacOS Mojave, Apple’s digital assistant Siri has done a lot of growing up.  The Cupertino company continues to improve the accuracy and responsiveness of Siri as well as improving how to access it from your devices.  One of those new ways is in Watch OS 5 with “Raise to Speak”.

As the name suggests, when you upgrade your Apple Watch to Watch OS 5, you have the ability to simply raise your wrist and speak directly to your Watch to summon Siri.  Previously, Siri required that you press and hold the Digital Crown to get to it (which you can still do by-the-by).  Not any more.

By default, the new Raise to Speak feature of Siri is enabled on your Apple Watch.  If you go to Settings>General>Siri, you will see a new option Raise to Speak.  Make sure this is on or the feature won’t work.

Raise to Speak for Siri in Watch OS 5

Raise to Speak for Siri in Watch OS 5

Next, simply raise your Apple Watch as if you were going to check the time but bring your Watch slightly closer to your mouth and speak a command.

A couple of user tips to keep in mind when you use this new feature.  First, you’ll need to bring your Watch up a little closer to your face to get it to work.  Your Watch will recognize the gesture, which is slightly different than simply checking the time, and will be ready for you.  Second, talk in a normal voice.  If you try to whisper, you will find Siri doesn’t hear you.  That is especially true if you are in a noise room.  Speaking of noisy rooms, Siri will be able to sort out your voice from the other voices in the room as it will detect the proximity of your voice to the microphone on your Apple Watch and sort out who’s talking to it.

If you haven’t given this new feature a try, give it a go.  I’ve found in the week since updating to Watch OS 5 on my Series 3, I’m using Siri a lot more simply because I don’t have to do any physical touching of my watch to use it.

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