Hulu Brings SharePlay Support in Latest Update

Hulu has released an update to both its iPhone and iPad apps that brings support for Apple’s SharePlay. It is the latest streaming service app to support the feature. For those who don’t recall, SharePlay allows you to watch the same content with friends and family over FaceTime. You can binge those shows together even if you are on opposite ends of town or the country.

In this release, we are helping spread the Hulu love by introducing SharePlay. With SharePlay, you can watch content from the Hulu streaming library in sync with friends and family over FaceTime. We also launched a feature allowing Live TV users to easily flip between channels during playback. Upgrade to the newest version of the app on your iPhone or iPad to try it out.

Hulu Release Notes

To use the feature, start a FaceTime call with your friends or family. Afterwards, open up the Hulu app. When you’ve selected a show or movie, tap the Share button and then tap the SharePlay option. Everyone in your FaceTime call will start seeing the streaming content right along with you.

Hulu on iPad Pro
Hulu on iPad Pro

In order for the SharePlay feature to work, all of the people in your FaceTime call will need a Hulu account which starts at $6.99 per month. To get the app, just download it from the App Store. You can sign up for the service directly in the app or you can sign-up online.

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