iOS 11 Installed on 85% of Devices in Latest Apple App Store Report

Apple has updated the App Support page for Developers today, updating the install base numbers for iOS.  They are impressive.  A full 85% of devices are now running iOS 11, the latest current version of the platform.  Add to that the 10% that are running iOS 10 and you end up with an overwhelming number of iPhones and iPads running the latest two versions of iOS.

If you compare that number of Android Oreo, the version of Android that released at roughly the same time as iOS 11, you only get 14.6% for the install base.  Granted, it is a bit of an apples (no pun intended) to oranges comparison given that Android has multiple vendors.  But it still it worthy to note.

The 85% install base for iOS 11 is up from the last report at the end of May by four percentage points.  Given that development of this version has been pretty slow and some significant bugs were found along the way, a lot of people won’t miss version 11 when it is gone.

iOS Install Base - September 3 2018
iOS Install Base – September 3 2018

The good news is that the wait for iOS 12 is pretty short at this point.   With the next Apple Event happening next Wednesday, September 12, iOS 12 is expected to be officially announced at the event.  It should then be released a few days afterward to the public right before the new lineup of iPhones is released.

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