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UPDATE – iOS 12.2 Beta 4 Released to Developers

Update – The public beta of iOS 12.2 has now been released.

Apple has released the fourth beta of iOS 12.2 today. The release went only to developers who are registered in the developer beta program. For those in the public beta program, the build has not been released as of the time of this article. It is expected to be released in the next 24 hours.

Build 16E5212f of iOS 12.2 could represent the last beta for the update. Apple typically has four to six beta builds for “dot” releases. It is possible we could see one more but with most anticipating 12.2 to be released before the end of the month, this could well serve as the last. That, of course, is dependent on if a major bug is found in this new release.

12.2 is bringing a handful of new features or updates to an iPhone or iPad near you. Apple News makes its way to Canada with this release, providing articles in both English and French. Four new Animoji are also in this update as well as tweaks to some of the Settings pages and the Apple TV remote app. In principle however, this update is all about bug fixes, security updates, and performance improvements.

iOS 12.2 is expected to be the last major “dot” release for iOS 12. With WWDC coming up in June, it is expected that Apple will begin shifting focus to iOS 13. That release is expected to be announced at the developer event in San Jose, California.

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