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iOS 12 Now on 72% of Devices Introduced in the Last Four Years

Apple has updated the App Store Developer page, confirming that iOS 12 is now on 72% of all devices introduced in the last four years.  The new statistic is a full 10% jump from the previous report back in November.  The measurement for the update was all devices that came to the App Store on December 3, 2018.

The official figures from Apple are inline with what the research firm Mixpanel as reported.  Last week, they showed iOS 12 on 75% of devices some ten weeks after the version launched.

Apple breaks up the statistics for iOS 12 adoption in two ways.  First, 70% of all devices that access the App Store are now running a variant of version 12.  72% is the figure they refer to for all devices introduced in the last four years that are running the version.  This includes iPhones and iPads.

No matter how you slice it, it is a significant rate of adoption and has exceeded all other previous versions in adoption rate.  That, in turn, makes it easier for developers to focus on the current version of the platform as they update or develop apps.

iOS 12 Adoption Rate - December 2018

iOS 12 Adoption Rate – December 2018

The one facet of this information from Apple is which version of iOS 12 is being run on devices.  Apple doesn’t break it down that granular but it is safe to assume that most devices will be running the latest version, 12.1

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