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iOS 12 Adoption Nearing 40% After Two Weeks of Availability

After being available to download for iPhone and iPad users, iOS 12 continues to make strides in its adoption rate.  As of this morning on Mixpanel, iOS 12 was on 39.65% of eligible devices.  iOS 11 installs, as you would expect, has dropped precipitously over the same two weeks.  It is down to 53.38% with older versions iOS make up the remaining 6.97%.

If the trend continues at its current rate, we should see version 12 break through the 50% barrier next week.  While that rate is still slower than the adoption rate of iOS 11, it is a significant milestone.

The slow adoption of the latest version has been attributed to the teething challenges that faced iOS 11 last year.  Users seem to be taking their time to update and given that iOS 12 does have some issues, it is understandable.  Those bugs and issues however do seem very small compared to last year.

MixPanel iOS 12 Aoption - October 2, 2018

MixPanel iOS 12 Aoption – October 2, 2018

The adoption rate of v 12 should also get a boost when the first update to the build, 12.0.1, is released.  While a firm date of when that will happen is not known, it is expected to be some time this month.  iOS 12.0.1 is now in beta with the first beta build released right after the 12.0 release a couple of weeks ago.


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