iOS 12 Adoption - October 8 2018

iOS 12 Adoption Now Over 50 Percent According to Mixpanel

Three weeks after being released by Apple to the general public, iOS 12 is now installed in over 50% of the devices out there.  The new comes from Mixpanel and shows that iOS 12 is now on 50.89% of the devices that are eligible to run the newest version of iOS.  iOS 11 has slipped to 41.66%.

While not surprising, the adoption of iOS 12 has been considerably slower than that of iOS 11 last year.  At the three week mark last year, version 11 was on 51.68% of devices.  The gap between where version 12 is in comparison to v11 adoption has certainly closed in the last week.

There are a lot of potential reason as to why that gap has closed including the large number of iPhone XS and XS Max devices that are now in people’s hands.  Also, many users have been waiting on updating for a few weeks to make sure there were not any big bugs that could impact them.  If you recall, the launch of iOS 11 was not exactly smooth and that could have made some shy to upgrade immediately.

iOS 12 Adoption - October 8 2018

iOS 12 Adoption – October 8 2018

With over half of devices running iOS 12 now, clearly the numbers will continue to go up and it is likely that it will surpass the adoption rate of iOS 11 over the course of the next few weeks in terms of speed of adoption.  Still, there will be some who decide to wait until iOS 12.1 is released, which is currently in beta.

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