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iOS 12 Adoption Rate Over 12% in First Three Days of General Availability

Just shy of three days after it was released, iOS 12 has already made its way to just over 12% of all iOS devices out there.  The information came from Mixpanel who tracks these analytics and makes them available.  That adoption rate is slower than what was seen with iOS 11 but not by much.

As of this morning, iOS 12 sat at 12.05% as far as install base is concerned.  iOS 11 was at 79.55% while all other versions took up the final 8.39%.  Of course as more people upgrade to version 12, the install base for the older versions will continue to decline but not necessary at a reciprocating rate.  Remember, you have to account for new devices like the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max which will be available starting tomorrow in Apple Stores.  They will ship with iOS 12.

The slower adoption of iOS 12 was generally expected as some iPhone and iPad users will want to wait until they are confident there are no big show stopping bugs.  iOS 11 was plagued with issues at first and Apple, for their part, owned them and said that version 12 would be focused on performance and reliability.

iOS 12 Adoption Rate - September 20 2018

iOS 12 Adoption Rate – September 20 2018

With this report, there have already been mumblings about how much better the adoption rate for version 12 is over the latest Android version, Android Pie.  The problem is that it is, pardon the pun, an apples-and-oranges comparison.  Apple controls the releases of iOS across all devices while Google, with Android, is at the whims of manufactures and carriers.  The adoption rate of the latest version of Android is always going to be lower.  It is improving, but still slower.

Case in point:  Android Pie, as of the latest Android distribution report, is on less than .1% of devices out there.  That means it doesn’t even show up on the latest report.

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