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iOS 12 Installed on 63 Percent of Devices Introduced in The Past Four Years

iOS 12 continues to gain in install base at an impressive clip.  Apple has updated their App Developer support page for the App Store, revealing that 63% of all iOS devices introduced in the last four years are now running iOS 12.  Further, a full 60% of all devices are running the latest version of the platform.

The measurements for the update come from devices coming to the App Store on October 29, 2018.  While not completely scientific – someone may not have gone to the App Store with their iPhone that day – it does give a strong indicator of how well iOS versions are doing.  Clearly, iOS 12 is doing well.

With 63% of iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads running iOS 12, the remaining devices are mostly composed of iOS 11 variants.  That makes up 30% of the devices while another 7% are running iOS 10 or earlier.

iOS 12 Install Base - Nov 1 2018

iOS 12 Install Base – Nov 1 2018

The adoption of the latest version of iOS has steadily ramped up since its introduction back in September.  Adoption initially was slow but as 12.0.1 and now 12.1 have been introduced, the uptick in adoption is clear to see.  Apple from the onset said that this version of iOS was going to be focused on stability, performance improvements, and security.  This was, in large part, a reaction to the lackluster appeal of iOS 11 and several well documented bugs.

iOS 12 has had few documented bugs to this point.

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