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iOS 12 Ninth Public Beta Released to Registered Testers

For those of you who have an iPhone or iPad registered in the Apple Beta Program, there is a new iOS 12 build waiting for you.  The ninth public beta was released earlier this morning in conjunction with the 11th developer build of the next version of iOS.  The developer builds, which require a $99 per annum developer account, is two build ahead of the free public beta but is also less stable.  All of these updates come just days after the 10th developer beta was released last week.

As for what is new, there isn’t much to report if you have been keeping up with the beta program.  At this point, with the general release just a couple of weeks away, it is more about fit & finish at this point in the beta cycle.

One thing that we do know is that Group FaceTime will not make it into the initial release of iOS 12.  That feature has been pushed back to later this year after the initial release.  All of the other major features and improvements remain in place at this point.

iOS 12 is going to be bringing a lot of tweaks and improvements to your iPhone and iPad and while it probably should be looked at as an evolutionary build of the platform, it will still be worth downloading when it is available.  Notable feature improvements include:

  • Significant improvements in powering up of devices, particularly older ones
  • Improvements to Siri with Shortcuts to simplify and automate actions
  • Screen Time to help you monitor your phone usage
  • A more intuitive Do Not Disturb function
  • Animoji now supports “tongue” detection
  • Grouping of notifications for easier management

Of course there is no official word on when iOS 12 will be released but it will be announced at the next Apple Event.  That, if the rumors are true, will be September 12th.  If that is the case, chances are that the next version of iOS will start rolling out that day.

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