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iOS 12 Now on 75% of All Devices

While the focus over the past 12 hours has been on Apple’s revised earnings, there has been good news on the iOS 12 front. The company updated their Developer site yesterday and indicate that the latest version of the mobile platform is now on 75% of all devices in the market. That adoption rate is roughly 10% higher than that of iOS 11 for the same time last year.

Breaking down the numbers further, iOS 11 is now on 17% of devices while earlier versions of the mobile platform come in at just 8%.

Apple then breaks the figures down a bit further by focusing on the devices of the last four years. Those figures are even more robust for iOS 12. 78% of all devices introduced in the last four years are now running the current version of the platform with 17% running iOS 11. Just 5% of devices from the last 4 years are running iOS 10 or earlier. It points to a strong and steady upgrade of users of these various iPhone and iPad models upgrading their devices since the update was released in October.

Apple measures these figures based on the number of devices that came to the App Store on January 1, 2019 and the version of iOS they are running. For developers, it is great news as they can focus their updates and efforts around supporting iOS 12 and not necessarily have to worry much about compatibility with older version of the platform.

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