Improvements to Awards in the Apple Watch app

iOS 12 Upgrade Accidentally Removes Some Apple Watch Activity Badges

An early bug has been found in iOS 12 that is impacting some Apple Watch users.  The bug specifically removes some activity challenge badges from the Apple Watch app, badges that are earned for specific events or on specific days.

The good news is that Apple Support has acknowledged the issue and has indicated an update is coming in a future release of iOS 12. That could potentially be iOS 12.1 which went into beta yesterday.

The Apple Support article on this issue points to specific badges that are not showing up for customers:

  • Thanksgiving Day Challenge 2016
  • Mother’s Day Challenge 2017
  • Veterans Day Challenge 2017
  • Thanksgiving Day Challenge 2017
  • China National Fitness Day 2018

There is no clear indicator as to why the badges were removed or the culprit.

Like many parts of iOS 12, the Apple Watch app got a significant revamp with this update.  Badges and activity are now much clearer on what it takes to earn them or how far away you are from earning them.  It is more informative and, overall, the update is a positive one.

Improvements to Awards in the Apple Watch app

Improvements to Awards in the Apple Watch app

Hopefully this bug that is impacting those that are missing badges will get fixed in iOS 12.1.  That update should be out before the end of the year.

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