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iOS 14 Bug Reverts Default Browser & Mail Customizations After Reboot

Oh Apple. a iOS 14 bug has been discovered that, while not a huge deal, does put some not-so-great optics on the company. The bug, reported by multiple users and sites, and I’ve been able to replicate, impacts iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. After a reboot, any customizations that you do to your default browser and mail app revert back to Apple’s Safari and Mail apps respectively. It means that you have to go back into Settings and reset these to the default apps you want.

The iOS 14 bug is not necessarily a major issue as most users do not reboot their iPhone or iPad often. But the optics on the bug aren’t great for Apple given the swirl of anti-competitive news around the company these days. Indeed, the ability to switch your default browser and mail app to this point has been touted as a key indicator that the Cupertino company is not being anti-competitive.

The good news in all of this is that you can still go back and reset your default browser and mail to apps you want to use. Apple will likely fast track a fix for this in the form of iOS 14.0.1 in the next few weeks. Equally, as mentioned, users don’t reboot their iPhone or iPad every day so the impact is low. It is just a matter of remembering that you need to change the settings back until a patch is released.

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