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iOS 14 – Gold Master to Beta Testers Today – Public Release September 16

Shortly after the conclusion of the Fall 2020 Apple Event today, the Cupertino company released the Gold Master of iOS 14 to developer and public beta testers. The release comes one day before the scheduled public release of iOS 14 to the public.

Here is a complete rundown of all the new features of iOS 14. If your iPhone or iPad was capable of running iOS 13, guess what? You can run iOS 14!

Apple has scheduled iOS 14, iPadOS 14, tvOS 14, and WatchOS 7 to be released on September 16th and the Gold Master for each of these releases have been published for beta testers today.

The release of the “GM” is significant in the life of any Operating System in that is signals it is ready to ship to the general pubic. While it does not mean it is bug free – development is likely already underway for iOS 14.1 – it means that it has been tested enough and is stable enough for general consumption.

As I write this article, iOS 14 is being downloaded and installed on my beta testing iPhone 8 and as you can see in the screenshot below, it does not indicate any beta build number, just that it is iOS 14.

iOS 14 Gold Master Release to Beta Testers
iOS 14 Gold Master Release to Beta Testers

On a personal note, I am very confident in iOS 14 at this point and have been really since the 6th beta release. It is solid and in the last beta, build 8, I have found no bugs, major or minor. It is one of the few times I would encourage you to upgrade immediately.

As for when the builds will go public, that should be around 10:00 AM Pacific tomorrow, September 16. As with all major iOS updates, patience will be required and it may take several hours before you can actually upgraded.

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