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iOS 14 on 27% of iPhones and iPads Less Than a Week After Release

The adoption of iOS 14 has been quick according to Mixpanel. The analyst company has put together their first trend chart for iOS 14 and it shows that 27% of iPhones and iPad. That is well ahead of the iOS 13 install pace from last year. That release had just a 20% adoption rate after one week of release.

While 27% doesn’t seem like a huge number given the millions of iPhones and iPads, it is just that reason why being at this high total a week into its release is a big deal. There were a lot of compelling reasons for people to upgrade to iOS 14, including widgets and the ability to set default browsers and mail apps. It seems that Apple hit the mark on these features and others to get adoption to happen early.

Adoption Rate of iOS 14 is now over 27%
iOS 14 Adoption Rate Courtesy of Mixpanel

With iOS 14.2 now in beta, this trend will likely to continue to go up rapidly. Many iPhone and iPad users do not upgrade immediately as they want a bug fix or two out before making the jump. The trend chart from Mixpanel seems to suggest that is not as much the case in iOS 14 but with known bug fixing builds on the way, over the next quarter this trend will likely jump dramatically.

On a micro level, it would appear that iOS 14 is also seeing a rapid adoption by readers. 47.22% of all the mobile traffic coming to the site since last Wednesday has been from an iPhone or iPad running iOS 14, with just over 19% coming from iOS 13.7, the last major release for iOS 13.

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