iOS 15.5 – Improved Ease-of-Use of Apple Cash Card

Last week, Apple dropped the first beta of iOS 15.5 to both developers and then to public beta testers. At this point in the life of iSO 15, the 15.5 release is really focused on bug fixes and other stability improvements as the company prepares for the release of iOS 16 later this year. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few new improvements that won’t catch your eye. Perhaps one of the biggest is the improvements to the Apple Cash Card in Apple Wallet.

Today, in order to request cash be added to your Apple Cash card, you have to open up Apple Wallet, tap on the Apple Cash card, then tap on the overflow (three-dot) menu to add money or transfer cash to your bank account. It is cumbersome at best. In iOS 15.5 however, this is a much easier process as the ability to request money or send money is much easier as there are now large buttons for those features with just a tap of your Apple Cash card.

Apple Cash Card Changes in iOS 15.5
Apple Cash Card Changes in iOS 15.5

The beauty of the Apple Cash card is that it can be used anywhere that Apple Pay is accepted to make purchases. It is a great way to provide teens an allowance for example. If you are an Apple Card holder, your Daily Cash is also deposited onto your Apple Cash card for use whenever and where ever you want to use it. In 15.5, it’ll be just a little bit easier to use.

There is no official word on when the 15.5 release will land for the general public but it will likely be just before or just after WWDC in June.

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