iOS 15.6 Brings Improved Subscription Management

A small but nice improvement has come to subscription management in iOS 15.6 as well as iPadOS 15.6. The latest production build of iOS, which was released last week, has significantly improved the view, and as a consequence, a clearer understanding of your subscriptions through the App Store, when they are expiring, and when they will be rebilled to your account.

For those who may not recall, you can view all of the subscriptions you have made to apps and services in the App Store via your iCloud account settings in Settings. Just navigate to Settings and select your account at the top of the page, then find the Subscriptions section. Previously, there was no way to sort your subscriptions nor a clear way to see which subscriptions you have that were about to expire or rebill. In 15.6, you can do both fundamentally by how you sort your subscriptions. You can sort them by App Name, Price or by Renewal Date. Using the last method allows you to quickly and easily see when a subscription you have is going to renew, allowing for better budget management but also giving you time to see when it will rebill and if you want to continue it.

Subscription Management in iOS 15.6
Subscription Management in iOS 15.6

This small but important change should make subscription management a bit easier to sort out for iPhone and iPad users.

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