iOS 16 Adoption Rate Faster Than iOS 15

Two days since its release, iOS 16 is seeing a faster adoption rate than its predecessor, iOS 15. The adoption rate data comes from Mixpanel and suggests that iPhone users are willing to install the latest version to get some of the new features it delivers to iPhones.

According to Mixpanel, iOS 16 has been installed on 11.11% of iPhones two days after it was released. Comparatively, iOS 15 was installed on 9.71% of iPhones after its first two days of availability. A less than two percent increase may not seem like much. However, considering that hundreds of millions of iPhones are out there, a small percentage is a significant jump in adoption.

Trends report by Mixpanel - iOS 16 adoption
Trends report by Mixpanel – iOS 16 adoption

iOS 16 has brought several new features to iPhones that likely drive early adoption. This includes features such as the new Lock Screen, editable Messages, delaying the sending of mail, additional stops to routes in Maps, and a revamped Weather app. In contrast, iOS 15 brought several updates to iPhones, but none had the “flash” of those in iOS 16.

Perhaps the more interesting data on how many have installed iOS 16 will come in October. iOS 16.1 is expected to be released then and should include some additional features such as Photos sharing and support for Live Activities on the Lock Screen. It will also bring bug fixes that some iPhone users are waiting for before upgrading.

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