iOS 16 Preview – Editing & Recalling a Sent Message in Messages

There are a slew of new features coming to your iPhone with iOS 16 and one in particular is one that many users have wanted to see for years: The ability to edit or recall a sent message in Messages. Until now, when you sent a message using the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad, it was sent forever. No editing and no recalling it. Both of those features are now in iOS 16 and using them is very easy and intuitive.

In Messages, when you send a message, you can now press-and-hold that message to open up the new editing features. This is the same action that you currently do in iOS 15 to add a reaction to a message that has been sent to you. In iOS 16, you have an expanded menu that has the two new features. First, there is Undo Send. If within about 20 seconds of sending a message you want to recall it, tap this and it will pull back that message. If you are after that 20 seconds or you are sending a message to someone via SMS (Android), you won’t see this option.

Just below the Undo Send option is a new Edit option. Tap this and you can edit the message you just sent. Again, you need to do this within the first 20 seconds or so of sending the message. Also note that the person receiving the message will see an “Edited” indicator on the message. If you are a Slack user, this concept will be very familiar to you.

Editing a Message in Apple Messages in iOS 16
Editing a Message in Apple Messages in iOS 16

iOS 16 will be available later this year, perhaps as early as September, from Apple. It will for any iPhone 8 or newer.

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