iOS 16 Preview – Multi-Stop Support in Apple Maps

As I’ve shared in other preview articles about iOS 16, there are a lot of nice enhancements and improvements coming to your iPhone when it is released. Most of those features will also be on your iPad thanks to iPadOS 16. If there is one feature however that is coming in the update, it is an update to Apple Maps. Finally, after years of hoping it would arrive and be on par with Google Maps, Apple Maps will support multi-stops on a journey in iOS 16.

A round of applause for Apple please. It took long enough!

The great news is that the feature works brilliantly in the current beta builds of iOS 16 and is extremely intuitive to use. Exactly what you would expect. To use the new feature in Maps, open up the app, then select a destination as you normally would in iOS 15 today. Once you have your starting point and ending point defined, you will not in the Directions section under the map view that you have a new feature, Add Stop. Tap this and you can add a stop on your journey. In fact, you can add up to 15 different stops. Maps will then calculate the time required from stop to stop and give you a total driving time at the bottom of the display.

Multi-Stops in Map in iOS 16
Multi-Stops in Map in iOS 16

With Maps in iOS 15 you have been able to add stops once a journey was in progress for things like fuel, groceries or other pre-defined things. But it was clunky and not really safe to try to use while you were driving. You can still do those on-the-fly changes in iOS 16 but if you know you are going to need to stop for fuel, you can pre-build it into your journey in iOS 16.

iOS 16 will be available later this year, perhaps as early as September, from Apple. It will for any iPhone 8 or newer.

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