Apple iPad 2

iPad 2 Joins The Vintage List on April 30

The Apple iPad 2, which was released over eight years ago in March 2011, is set to be added to the company’s Vintage and Obsolete product pages. The change will happen on April 30, 2019. This means that the iPad 2 will no longer be eligible for service at an Apple Store location or an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

By definition, Apple considers a product vintage when it was last manufactured more than five years ago. While the iPad 2 was released in March 2011, it remained as a purchase option from Apple until March 2014. It was powered by the Apple A5 SoC and had a rather unimpressive – even for the time – .7 megapixel rear camera.

While iOS updates have not been available for some time for the iPad 2, considering it is just now being moved to the Vintage list is impressive and shows Apple’s commitment to support customers with older devices. Keep in mind that this model of iPad had the old 30-pin connector. Yes, it is old.

Apple iPad 2
Apple iPad 2

Due to local laws in California here in the US and the country of Turkey, Apple will continue to service the iPad 2 until March 2021. When that support goes away, the model will be moved to the Obsolete listing worldwide.

The last device to go onto the Vintage list was the iPhone 5. That happened in November 2018. To see the full list of devices on the Vintage and Obsolete list, just head to this support page over at Apple.

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