iPhone 14 Lineup Requires New Cases

Unfortunately, you are out of luck if you have some favorite cases for your iPhone 12 or 13 and were hoping to use them on your new iPhone 14. Slight design changes between the iPhone 12 and 13 and 14 make the cases redundant. The issue isn’t so much physical dimension changes but location changes of the side button, silencing switch, and the camera bump on the back (particularly on the Pro lineup).

First, let’s talk about the dimensions of the iPhone 14 versus last year’s iPhone 13. As you can see from the chart below, the devices are nearly identical to the iPhone 14, only slightly thicker (.25mm) and heavier (2 grams). A quarter-of-a-millimeter should not be an issue, and it isn’t: the case will physically fit the phone. The problem is that Apple moved, by 2-3 mm, the physical location of the side button, volume up/down button, and silence slider.

iPhone 135.78-inches (146.7mm)2.82-inches (71.5mm)0.30 inches (7.65-mm)6.14-ounces (174 grams)
iPhone 145.78-inches (146.7mm)2.82-inches (71.5mm)0.31-inches (7.80-mm)6.07-ouncesĀ (172 grams)

The same situation can be said for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The physical dimensions are nearly identical, but the physical location of the buttons on the new iPhones makes your current cases redundant.

To understand this better, here are two photos of a new iPhone 14 Pro Max case I ordered last week. It is the yellow (Sunglow) case. My current iPhone 13 green (Pistachio) case is next to it. You can see, ever so slightly, that the physical button locations have changed on the case to match the new iPhone.

As you can see from the images above, it is a difference of just a few millimeters. But that small change is enough to make your old case unusable on the new iPhone lineup.

In reality, Apple has done a great job the past few years of keeping the iPhone lineup the same physically. Cases for the iPhone 12 easily worked with the iPhone 13. Equally, when they buy a new iPhone, many people want a new case at the same time, so this change may not be that big of a deal.

Apple offers a wide range of cases for the iPhone 14 at the Apple Store.

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