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iPhone XR Ranked Top Single-Lens Camera by DxOMark

In their latest review on the iPhone XR, DxOMark has given the latest iPhone a score of 101.  That makes it the highest rated single-lens mobile camera on the market today.

Achieving an overall DxOMark Mobile score of 101 points, the iPhone XR becomes the top ranked single-cam device we’ve tested to date. It just surpasses the Google Pixel 2 for still photos, with marginally better noise-versus-texture results, and significantly fewer artifacts. Both devices achieve the same overall score for video.

The score even got the attention of Apple’s Phil Schiller who Tweeted about the results.  Apple usually doesn’t give DxOMark much credence as Android devices that are far less expensive often outscore iPhones.

The detailed report on the iPhone XR from DxOMark is available on their site.  It goes into a tremendous amount of detail on how the score is counted for the XR.  DxOMark is considered by most to be the standard measuring service for mobile device cameras.

Interestingly, the report from the company does not include the latest Android flagship device, the Google Pixel 3.  That is also a single-lens mobile and with all of the software tricks Google has on it, it likely will outrank the iPhone XR when it is tested.

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