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JCPenney Removes Apple Pay from Stores and App

With no notice or explanation, American retailer JCPenney has removed Apple Pay as a payment option. The move impacts both retail store locations as well as the company’s app in the App Store. The change was confirmed by the AskJCP Twitter account, the customer support account for the retailer.

JCPenney began rolling out Apple Pay in 2015 to both their retail locations and in their app. Further, they enabled their own credit card to be available through Apple Pay so customers could early loyalty points as part of that card’s program.

It is unclear why the retailer has stopped taking Apple Pay. It could be a variety of reasons including a new payment back-end system that doesn’t support it or simply the fact the company was not seeing enough transactions using Pay to justify it. Either way it is a rare event. In the years that the payment service has been available, withdrawal of support is rare as it provides one more way for customers to pay for goods and services.

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