Kaspersky Lab Files Antitrust Complaint Against Apple

Cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab has filed an antitrust complaint against Apple and their App Store practices. The filing was with the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service in Moscow. The main complaint in filing is that Apple is being anticompetitive on how they approve apps in the App Store. You can read the filing here on the Kaspersky site.

In particular, the filing with the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service has to do with the Kaspersky Safe Kids app. The app had been in the App Store for three years but last year, the cybersecurity company was told that it would no longer be approved. Specifically, the app was called out on its use of user profiles. Apple told Kaspersky that the profiles would have to be removed in order for the app to be approved. From Kaspersky’s perspective, this all-but gutted the app as its two main selling features were around app control and Safari browsing blocking.

Kaspersky claims that the change in the approval process for apps coincided with the release of iOS 12 and the Apple Screen Time feature built into the platform. The cybersecurity company claims that the Screen Time feature essentially is doing the same as their Safe Kids app and is the reason why it was not approved.

The company claims that they want to continue to have a “winning relationship” with Apple but is asking that for more “equal footing” when it comes to app approval and distribution of apps in the App Store. So far, Apple has not responded to the claims.

The filing by Kaspersky is the second in as many weeks by developers against Apple. Spotify filed an anticompetitive claim with the European Commission last week, a filing that got a terse response from Apple a few days later.

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