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Key Dates for iOS, WatchOS, tvOS, and MacOS Mojave You Need to Know

Today has been a huge day for Apple at their event held earlier this morning.  We saw the announcement of the new Apple Watch Series 4, the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max, and the new iPhone Xr.  But there were also some key dates thrown out in the keynote that could have been easily missed given the volume of content Tim Cook and others were rolling out in the keynote.  Those key dates come to the OS updates that Apple will soon be dropping.  These include iOS 12, WatchOS 5, MacOS Mojave.

iOS 12

iOS 12 will be dropping on Monday, September 17th.  This usually happens around 10:00 am Pacific.  There are a slew of improvements in iOS 12 including improved app launching time and unlocking of your phone.  There are also big improvements coming to Siri with Siri Shortcuts, Maps,, Apple Books, Stocks, News, and Voice Memos.  There will also be improvements to FaceTime with Group FaceTime, but that won’t be until later in the year.  AR is also a big part of iOS 12 with the new AR-based Measure app.

iOS 12 is going to be available through the normal upgrade process on your iPhone or iPad.  From an iPhone perspective, every device from the iPhone 5s and later will get updated.  For iPad, it is from the iPad Air all the way through to the iPad Pro, the iPad mini 2 and higher, and on the iPod 6th generation.

WatchOS 5

WatchOS 5 will also be released on Monday, September 17th.  This will happen through the Watch app on your iPhone.  This update will bring several new features including Walkie-Talkie, improvements to activity tracking and workouts, Notification improvements, a Podcast app, and the ability to raise your wrist to speak to Siri.  There will also be several new features that are only on the new Apple Watch Series 4 including some of the watch faces.

tvOS 12

The next major update to tvOS will also happen on Monday, September 17th.  This will happen through your Apple TV through an OTA (Over-the-air) update.  The big news for this update is that Dolby Atmos support is coming to Apple TV.  There will also be improvements to signing onto your device.

MacOS Mojave

Finally, the big update MacOS update, MacOS Mojave.  This is the only one that isn’t happening next Monday.  Rather, you have to wait a couple of weeks until September 24th to get it on your MacBook on MacOS Mojave.

The big news here of course is Dark Mode but there are other Finder enhancements such as the Desktop Stacks to stack like files together on your desktop, a new look to Quick Actions, and a new Gallery View.  Siri also is getting improvements in MacOS Mojave.


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