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Latest Leak Suggests The Upcoming 6.1-Inch iPhone Will be The iPhone Xc

We are only a couple of days away from the Apple Event at the Steve Jobs Theater, but the rumor mill and leaks machines are still going strong.  The latest comes from China via 9to5Mac where a photo of a presentation made to China Mobile shows that the upcoming 6.1″ iPhone will be named the iPhone Xc.  It also refers to the larger 6.5″ as the iPhone Xs Plus, not Max as has been rumored previously.

To recap, the current rumors-meets-leaks names for the new iPhones are as follows:

  • 5.8″ LCD – iPhone Xs
  • 6.1″ OLED – iPhone Xc
  • 6.5″ OLED – iPhone Xs Max (or Plus)

The question, of course, is if it is true.

At this point, given we are only two days away from the event, it is likely that carriers and other companies will break embargo’s – by accident or design – and we will get further evidence on just about everything.  Gone, it seems, are the days where Apple could legitimately keep rumors and leaks at bay.  The problem right now with the iPhone Xc name is that there is only one leaked source for it… which could mean it is true or completely false.  If more carriers or other sources start backing up the naming convention, it will be more legitimate.  For now, I place this firmly in the rumor category.

Either way, it doesn’t really matter that much.  The Apple event is two days away and all will be shown to the world that day.  As a reminder, on Wednesday we are expecting to see three new iPhones, the new Apple Watch Series 4, MacOS Mojave, and iOS 12.  It is now seeming less likely we will see an iPad or Mac update which could signal another event will come in October for those product lines.

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