Shazam on iPhone XS

Latest Shazam Update Strips Out Most Third-Party SDKs

In a not-so surprising move, Apple has stripped almost all of the third-party SDKs out of the latest update to Shazam. The changes came in an update to both the iOS and Android versions of the app that was released last week. The move eliminated third party ad networks, analysts firms, and other SDKs that were in the music discover app.

Specifically, in iOS, the app removed support for Bolts, InMobi, IAS, Google’s AdMob and DoubleClick, Facebook’s Ads, Analytics and Login, Oracle’s Moat, and Twitter’s MoPub. In Android, support for AdColony, AdMob, Amazon Ads, Facebook Ads, Gimbal, Google IMA and MoPub. This means that for iOS, Shazam only supports Microsoft’s HockeyApp. HockeyApp is a beta testing and management service. In Android, Bolts, FB Analytics, Butter Knife, Crashlytics, Fabric, Firebase, Google Maps, OkHttp and Otto remain supported.

The changes are not entirely unexpected. Since Apple acquired Shazam, the app has become completely free and completely ad free. However, it was expected that Apple would change the SDKs in the app to fit with their privacy policies. That’s what was at the core of the update.

For end users, you won’t notice much change. Given that Apple had already made the music discovery app free and ad-free already, the changes are more around code changes that prevent these SDKs from working.

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