Lemmings for iPhone

Lemmings Returns to Your iPhone

If you are a person of a certain age (Clinton raises his hand) then the early 90s game Lemmings was a staple. Released in 1991 originally for the Amiga, the game was ported to just about everything including PCs over the course of the decade. But when developer Psygnosis was bought and subsequently shutdown in 2012, the game of lovable but empty-headed creatures somewhat went away.

No more! Sony and Sad Puppy have revived Lemmings for the iPhone (and iPad), bringing a touch friendly interface that harkens back to the easy-of-play (but challenging) of the original game. Using the touchscreen on your iPhone, you can instruct the Lemmings to build stairs, use umbrellas and dig through blocks to get to the level’s exit. If you don’t, they will mindlessly fall of the edge of a block on the level with a splat at the bottom, signaling their demise. Your goal is to get as many of them to the exit as possible.

Lemmings for iPhone
Lemmings for iPhone

While the game is simple in its game play, it is also challenging trying to keep the little guys alive as you build say a staircase to a level exit. Much like I did in the 90s, I’ve spent a lot of time since Christmas playing this game and its loads of fun.

The game itself is free but does rely on in-app purchases and adverts. If you want to download it to your iPhone, you can do so here in the App Store.

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