Lyft All-Access Plan

Lyft Set to Roll Out $299 All-Access Plan This Week in The US

After private testing, Lyft has announced that their new All-Access Plan will be rolling out to everyone later this week.  The program, which is $299 per month, allows you to get 30 Lyft rides per month, up to $15 for that ride.  If the ride you go on is over $15, you pay the difference only.

The aim of the All-Access Plan is to provide frequent riders a worry free and discounted way of using the ride sharing service instead of paying full price for each ride.

Under the program, subscribers will get those 30 rides of up to $15 per month.  The rides don’t roll over month-to-month so it is a “use it or lose it” scenario.  Subscribers can cancel at any time as there is no long term contract.

The car service has been testing this program for months and initially offered three different levels with different benefits.  For the public launch, it seems they simplified things and only went with one tier of service.

Lyft All-Access Plan

Lyft All-Access Plan

According to the blog post announcing the service, Lyft has indicated that it will be available to everyone later this week.  While it wasn’t mentioned in the announcement, an update to the Lyft app will likely happen at some point this week to allow you to sign up for the service.

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