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macOS Developers Can Now Release App Updates in Phases

In an update on the App Store Connect site, Apple has changed the policy for developers when it comes to macOS app updates. Developers can now phase release updates to their apps up to 7 days versus an everyone-gets-it approach that has been the rule of thumb. The change gives developers the chance to stop an update should an issue arise before everyone gets the update.

Apple clearly lays out in the update how the new phased release process is works and what percentage of the app’s install base will be updated on each of the 7 days of the rollout.

  • Day 1 – 1 percent
  • Day 2 – 2 percent
  • Day 3 – 5 percent
  • Day 4 – 10 percent
  • Day 5 – 20 percent
  • Day 6 – 50 percent
  • Day 7 – 100 percent

The ability to do a phased rollout for macOS apps is available now to developers but they will need to enable the feature for the app in their developer account with Apple. This is found as part of the version release information in the portal.

The change in policy for macOS falls in line with what developers have been able to do since iOS 11 with iOS. On iOS, developers have the same 7-day phased rollout they can perform on their app updates.

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