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macOS Monterey Public Beta 6 Now Available

Readers registered in the Apple Developer Program now have access to macOS Monterey Public Beta 6 for testing. The release comes twenty days after the release of Beta 6 on August 12, 2021. So far the release looks like a bug and feature fix update as Apple continues to prepare Monterey for release. That likely will happen in September or October. Public Beta 6 is the same build that was released yesterday to Developers.

As expected, this beta release continues to focus on the basics, focusing on bug fixes and overall system performance. There are also a slew of refinements to the features already coming in the release but, so far at least, no new features have been discovered and reported.

Those with Apple Beta Program registered devices are cautioned not to use Monterey Public Beta 6 on their primary Mac. Given that it is beta code, unexpected bugs and/or performance issues can impact your productivity or the ability to use your Mac. It is highly recommend you use it on a dedicated beta device for testing while keeping your primary Mac on Big Sur.

MacOS Monterey has plenty of great new features and updates including the updates Safari browser, new features in Notes, improved FaceTime features, and Shortcuts for Mac. One of the big new features will be Universal Control which allows you to control both your Mac and your iPad with a single keyboard and mouse or trackpad with no additional setup required. 

macOS Monterey (Image Courtesy of Apple)
macOS Monterey (Image Courtesy of Apple)

If you are curious to learn more about the Apple Beta Program, you can check out the program’s site on Apple.

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