Microsoft Authenticator on Apple Watch

Microsoft Authenticator Update Brings Apple Watch Companion App

A few weeks ago I posted about an update that would be coming to Microsoft Authenticator.  That update, which was released this morning, brings an Apple Watch companion app so you can approve 2 Factor Authentication request from your Watch.

The companion app works with your personal Microsoft account, work, or school account right now and doesn’t appear to work with other 2FA account you may have configured (Twitter, Evernote, etc).  Ideally the companion app should mirror what’s on your iPhone but it is a start.

When you update the Microsoft Authenticator app on your iPhone, the companion app will be installed on your Apple Watch automatically.  You will then need to open up the app on your iPhone and then the app on your Watch to complete the setup process.  It is pretty painless and shouldn’t take more than a minute or two.

Once you have set it up, when you log into your work, school, or personal account, you will get a prompt on your Watch to authenticate your access.

Microsoft Authenticator on Apple Watch

Microsoft Authenticator on Apple Watch

The update is in the App Store now and should be available to everyone.  If you want to try out the Microsoft Authenticator app, it is free from Microsoft.


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